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distributor for Terra Green Ceramics in Southern CaliforniaSpecCeramics is proud to be the regional distributor for Terra Green Ceramics in Southern California. Terra Green has been manufacturing recycled content ceramic tile since the late 1970s. Over the years, Terra Green’s product development team has created a full line of floor and wall ceramic tiles, all manufactured with recycled glass – and certified by Scientific Certification Systems.

certified by Scientific Certification SystemsTerra Green is the premiere choice for commercial and residential installations. While all of Terra Green’s ceramic tile products are manufactured with over 55% pre-consumer recycled glass, each product line has its own unique appearance, characteristics, and color choices. From the porcelain look of Terra Traffic, the contemporary styling of Terra Elements, or the richness of Terra Crackle, Terra Green stands out and will accentuate any exterior or interior setting.

Recycled content is an integral part of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED™ rating system. As such, Terra Green’s ceramic tile may contribute to LEED™ Credits 4.1 and 4.2 for Recycled Content. Additionally, the tile is manufactured in Richmond, Indiana (zip code 47374) and, therefore, LEED™ Credits 5.1 and 5.2 may also be available for projects located within 500 miles of the plant. Moreover, from a purely sustainable point of view and based on studies conducted in accordance with standards developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO), ceramic tile is the most sustainable floor covering available on the market today.

Because Terra Green is blade-cut rather than laser cut, the tile has a 3/16” size tolerance. This means that tile size can vary slightly so that all the tiles are not exactly the same size, thereby requiring a slightly larger grout joint for installation.

Whether you are designing a LEED™ project or simply desire a beautiful product, Terra Green is your sustainable and stylish choice for ceramic tile. All of the following products lines have their own unique appearance, characteristics and colors.

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Terra Classic Certification (PDF 0.6MB) Terra Traffic Certification (PDF 0.6MB)
Terra Metallics Certification (PDF 0.6MB) Terra Green Maintenamce (44KB)

Terra Green Collections:

Terra Traffic
Terra Green - Traffic
Terra Traffic Brochure (1MB)

Terra Traffic is as beautiful and enduring as precious porcelains, stones and minerals. With designer colours in a palette of hues, all rich in color throughout body, not just surface glazed, Terra Traffic is durable and wears to patinas that only high quality porcelains will do. Unlike porcelain, Terra Traffic does not require sealing ...that is accomplish during the manufacturing process.

Available in 12 designer colors in a variety of sizes, with a complete collection of trim pieces, Terra Traffic is the designer's choice when enduring color, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance is called for. Terra Traffic colors are complementary to Terra Classic colors offering design opportunities to coordinate floor and wall tiles.

Terra Traffic is the tile selection for corporate, commercial, institutional and educational settings.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 4" x 4"  -  4" x 8"  -  3" x 6"  -  6" x 6"  -  8" x 8"  -  12" x 12"

BULLNOSE & BULLNOSE CORNER: 4" x 4"  -  4" x 8"  -  6" x 6"  -  12" x 12"

COVE BASE & COVE BASE CORNER: 4" x 6"  -  6" x 6"  -  6" x 8"

TRIM: 6" Quarter Round  -  4" and 6" Decos

Terra Green - Traffic - Blue Grey Terra Green - Traffic - Charcoal Terra Green - Traffic - Dawn Grey
Blue Grey Charcoal Dawn Grey
Terra Green - Traffic - Frost Terra Green - Traffic - Garnet Terra Green - Traffic - Lazure
Frost Garnet Lazule
Terra Green - Traffic - Olivine Terra Green - Traffic - Parchement Terra Green - Traffic - Purple Agate
Olivine Parchment Purple Agate
Terra Green - Traffic - Sable Terra Green - Traffic - Sandstone Terra Green - Traffic - Tigers Eye
Sable Sandstone Tigers Eye
Terra Classic
Terra Classic is available in 22 earthy natural and jewel tone colors
Terra Classic Brochure (1MB)

Terra Classic was developed to fill a unique niche in the Residential and light Commercial market, i.e. that of a unique, one of a kind beautifully shaded material combined with coordinating decorative and trim pieces available for the discriminating consumers who desire incomparable elegance with hand made craftsmanship. Sealants are not required with this product due to its glazed non-porous surface. Terra Classic is available in 22 earthy natural and jewel tone colors.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 4" x 4"  -  4" x 8"  -  3" x 6"   -   6" x 6"  -  8" x 8"  -  12" x 12"

BULLNOSE & BULLNOSE CORNER: 4" x 4"  -  4" x 8"  -  6" x 6"  -  8” x 8”  -  12" x 12"

TRIM: 6" Quarter Round -  4" and 6" V-Cap -  4" and 6" V-Cap Corner

Terra Classic - Emerald Terra Classic - Galena Terra Classic - Ivory
Emerald Galena Ivory
Terra Classic - Onyx Terra Classic - Peridot Terra Classic - Purple Saphire
Onyx Peridot Purple Sapphire
Terra Classic - Quartz Terra Classic - Rutile Terra Classic - Saphire
Quartz Rutile Sapphire
Terra Classic - Sylvanite Terra Classic - Topaz Terra Classic - Trona
Sylvanite Topaz Trona
Ornamental Iron
Terra Ornamental Iron offers the alluring style of metallics
Terra Ornamental Iron Brochure (1MB)

Featuring unique styling and modern design, Terra Ornamental Iron offers the alluring style of metallics in two, contemporary intriguing colors in both matte and gloss finish. The metallic glaze in a gloss finish reflects light with abstract angles. The Terra Ornamental Iron matte finish recalls burnished pewter and bronze.

With two field tile profiles, Deco designs, and a collection of trim pieces from bull nose to checkerboard and Rope Liners, the designer has a play of Metallics colors and shapes to create handsome tile designs. Use your imagination for floors, floor insets, kitchens backsplash, stunning shower and bath installations, to accent walls for retail, restaurants or hospitality venues.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 4" x 4"  -  3" x 6"


TRIM: 6" Quarter Round  -  4" and 6" V-Cap  -  4" and 6" V-Cap Corner

4” DECOS: 4” x 4” Checkboard  -  4” x 4” Spheres  -  4” x 4” Jewel Frame w/Glass Inserts

2” DECOS: 2” x 2” Sunburst  -  2” x 2” Chamomile

Ornamental Iron - Bronze Gloss Ornamental Iron - Bronze Matte Ornamental Iron - Chamomile
Bronze Gloss
Bronze Matte
Ornamental Iron - Checkerboard Ornamental Iron - Pewter Gloss Ornamental Iron - Pewter Matte
Checkerboard Pewter Gloss
Pewter Matte
Ornamental Iron - Spheres Ornamental Iron - Sunburst
Spheres Sunburst

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